Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

There are a number of reasons why a physician becomes involved in clinical research.
Some of these include:

  • Providing for his or her patients improved access into clinical trials
  • Just doing something fun and different for a change
  • The intellectual stimulation of participating in innovative ideas, medications, and devices for the advancement of modern medicine, i.e. being on the “cutting edge”
  • An additional income source in times of tightening budgetary constraints in clinical practice
  • Publication in medical journals.

If you happen to be one of those physicians who is taking a closer look at clinical research, there are several reasons why you should consider MedPharmics. By collaborating with MedPharmics, you can vary your degree of involvement in clinical research, ranging from identifying potential subjects to becoming a sub-investigator or becoming a principal investigator.

Entering clinical research as an investigator can be a daunting prospect for a number of reasons. The first may be that the physician has very limited knowledge of how to conduct clinic research. The second potential roadblock is obtaining qualified personnel to help conduct studies. You will need someone to find studies, someone to secure insurance, someone to negotiate a budget, clinical research coordinators to help run the study, and someone to ensure the quality of the research. The initial financial outlay alone can be overwhelming.

The first mistake that novice investigators usually make is believing that they will not need to learn anything since they are well-seasoned clinicians. While it is certainly true that physicians bring a wealth of medical experience, clinical research is decidedly not clinical practice. There will be much to learn. Anyone, who is not willing to make a commitment to learn some new skills and new guidelines, should simply not become a principal investigator. It is, however, our experience that the rewards of clinical research vastly exceed the time invested.

Collaboration with a MedPharmics’ site can make your participation in clinical research smoother in every respect. If you become a MedPharmics’ PI, we will provide the infrastructure, including staff and equipment. We obtain, explain, and execute the necessary documents. We will also guide you along the educational process. We strongly encourage all PIs to become certified through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.

If the process of becoming a PI is a bigger step than you initially want to take, then there is an intermediate alternative. You can become a sub-investigator affiliated with an established MedPharmics’ PI. In this scenario, the infrastructure is already in place, and the PI can lead you through the intricacies of clinical research.

If you are interested in clinical research, MedPharmics would like to hear from you.

Why clinical research:

  • Improved access for patients into clinical trials
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Being on the “cutting edge” of medicine
  • An additional income source
  • Publishing in medical journals

Why MedPharmics:
Options in degree of involvement:

  1. Principal Investigator
  2. Sub-investigator
  3. Referral source of subjects

PI track:

  • Infrastructure: business development, insurance, budget negotiator, clinical research coordinators, nurses, quality assurance, nurses, regulatory specialist, recruiters, advertising
  • Equipment: refrigerators, freezers, scales, EKG machine, centrifuges, temperature monitoring equipment, Flex Veinviewer, pulse oximeter
  • Educational material and guidance

Sub-I track:

  • Infrastructure: same as PI track
  • Equipment: same as PI track
  • Education and affiliation with an established MedPharmics’ PI

Referral Source track:

  • Gradual introduction to clinical research